Tuesday, 17 June 2014


MariaDB is a high performance, open source database that helps the world's busiest websites deliver more content, faster, to all its users. It is developed by the developers of MySQL with the help of Free and Open Source software community and is a fork of MySQL. It offers various features and enhancements like alternate storage engines, server optimizations and patches.
The  lead developer of MariaDB is Michael "Monty" Widenius, who is also the founder of MySQL and Monty Program AB.
It is not a single person or a company that is developing the MariaDB/MySQL developments. It is the guardian of the  MariaDB  community that drives it. MariaDB foundation has the trademark of MariaDB server and owns mariadb.org. This ensures that official MariaDB development tree is always opened for the developer community. MariaDB foundation ensures that all the community patches, including MySQL source code are matched into MariaDB and also provides a lot of documentation. MariaDB is a registered trademark of SkySQL Corporation Ab used by MariaDB Foundation with permission.
It is the best choice for database professionals looking for best and robust SQL server. 

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