Sunday, 22 June 2014

A Book Review


         Varun Agarwaal, the author of this book is a young entrepreneur of India. This book inspires the reader to live their dream. In a country like India it is hard to fulfill one’s dream on their profession.
Here Varun Agarwaal teaches us to walk in our way which we trust to be successful. We live to achieve what we want to be, not anyone else’s life.
The main character in this story is Anu Aunty, his mother’s close friend. From his child hood onwards she brainwashes his mother Poornima about his career. She believes being a techie is the best job that anyone can achieve. But, Varun wanted a complete change from what others are doing. He dreams of becoming an entrepreneur. He plans of starting a company with his close friend Rohn Malhothra. His Mal. Varun and his friends hangout at different places in Bangalore. The plan of his company was sprouted in such a meeting at Noon Wines, one of the old pub in Bangalore. Both Varun and Mal planned to work on an idea - School Merchandising, which means making hoodies, tees etc for the alumni of schools, colleges and passing out batches of institution. They proceeded with their idea while their parents and rest of their friends were ignorant about it. 
But Varun’s mother was always worried about him and his future. She is tensed that Varun has not got a job yet while his friends are pursuing MBA and applying for higher education. The repeated addition of phrases like ‘Thunder, lightening, rain, old Hindi movie soundtrack’ makes the situation funny.
       Anu aunty was always behind him. Her son Arjun is good at studies and extracurricular activities. He is a techie now. Whenever Anu aunty and Varun’s mother meet together Anu aunty injects possessiveness in her mind by comparing Varun and Arjun. 
       Varun is very much confident on his new start up. The first thing did they did was, they  searched for a manufacturer. They came across three manufacturers whom they had to strike off due to financial issues. Finally they ended up with a manufacturer from Tirupur who is Mal’s brother’s friend. He gave all the support for their start up. During the business journey Varun discovered that the best lessons of marketing and business can be learned from the kitty parties of aunties. 
     In the following days they met the manufacturer, shipped the material and their first motto was Bishop Cotton Boys’ School. Their first business went well. They declared a name for their start up- Alma Mater. They took a lot of effort for their website, business cards etc. Slowly their business spread worldwide. He discovered that the best way of marketing their product is through E-commerce. 
    He went through many challenges and difficulties for the success of their dream. It was he himself and Mal worked very hard without the help of any employees for establishing their company.

    Varun’s book reflects the life many of us are leading or forced to lead. There would be an Anu aunty in everyone’s life that becomes a hurdle for making our dream come true. What we see here is instead of simply bowing down to the pressure of Anu aunty and her friends, Varun decide to tread the unconventional path.
    So, through this book Varun gives a practical guide to entrepreneurship to all who wants to fulfill their dream. 

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